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Thread: Epistane and Trenazone Stack for summer

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    Epistane and Trenazone Stack for summer

    Looking to shred up for summer more than I am now. I am experienced with ph's. Was wondering what you guys think about this Epi (likelyhavoc)/ (Trenazone) stack?

    Proload with cycle assist. Post with nolva. Heard good things about lean xtreme, might throw that in the mix. I usually just add recycle too but I am low on cash. I want the most effective summer stack that wont brake the bank!

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    Another option is just solo epi or epi furuza a at like 300 mg

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    Trenazone and epi seems solid.

    Question: How would you dose trenazone when you want to stack it with compounds like p-mag, h-drol, and epi, and how would you dose it with compounds like sd, ud, and maybe alpha one?

    Been looking through logs and people seem to like to stack trenazone more than using it solo.

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    Well strayed...that was my next question. I have never used a rub on either and I noticed the same thing. I would think its like the old tren just not at potent being that one you can still purchase and one you can't. I hope someone can answer this, so I can make some purchases lol

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    I was mainly wondering how many of each bottle do I need epi-tren for 6 week cycle and what support supps that I can get through lockout. i hear soem people suggesting prolactin support

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    i hear of lots of people using epi/tren, i havent tried it myself. i liked the ultra/tren though. deff. leaned me out alot, felt great on it, no real complaints at all. i ran ultra at 12/16/16/16 and tren at 1.5/2/2/2 got into the 2nd bottle of each.... next time ill run it 6 weeks. & ultra WILL shut you down pretty good at that dose. to be cost effective....if you just ran 1 bottle of each and adjust the dose to that i'm sure you would like it. still a lil pricey though.

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    Well I ended up picking up 2 bottles of trenazone and two of epi. One bottle cycle assist and one bottle of lean xtreme. So I hope that does the trick. Do you guys think I need a natty booster in there as well or anything else? I am not taking a lot of time off between cycles but this will be my last one for a few months

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    keep us posted on the results of the stack please

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    I will do. One question. Would you guys run lean xtreme during or post? I'll log on here as well. ~Thunda

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    Yeah I would also look to add a test booster like Recycle or Recycle/DAA combo for post...not too sure on the lean xtreme, but I would assume run it post because this epi/tren stack is going to lean you out a lot on its own. So maybe hold onto to the lean xtreme and run it after a few weeks of pct.

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