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Thread: dragon fruit for weight loss

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    Talking dragon fruit for weight loss

    "I love dragon fruit. Not only is it pretty looking, it's got good volumetrics," says Li. She's refering to the diet principle created by Dr. Barbara Rolls that substitutes deprivation for lots of healthy foods you can feel full on. Dragon fruit fits the bill, according to Li, because one whole fruit contains just 60 calories and only eight grams of sugar. "That's terrific compared to other fruits, she adds, pointing out that one apple is 80 to 100 calories.
    The fact that dragon fruit is low calorie might make us think of these dragon fruit health benefits immediately.
    With its abundance of fiber, dragon fruit can improve your fullness without a lot of calories. This is important for those who want to lose weight healthily.
    Moreover, dragon fruit will have great effects on the metabolization of proteins from foods inside the body, which is vital for building muscles.
    Tip: Cut the dragon fruit in half and scoop the pulp—seeds, too—straight out of the shell with a spoon. "It's refreshing, like cucumber, only sweeter," adds Li.
    => This exotic fruit has a lot of fibre that helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels of a person. It is helpful in inhibiting the sugar spikes that occur past consumption of foods with a high GI. Regular consumption of this fruit is beneficial in preventing the issues associated with diabetes.
    Dragon fruit for weight loss ?

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    Hey! Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

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    I never heard about dragon fruit is great for weight loss. When I visited your site, truly, I get many interesting facts about it. Really, it is a great healthy fruit which contains numerous benefits. I love to do the running for weight loss.

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