Hello all been awhile since ive been on here. Alright looking for some imput on what im thinking about doing.
Currently running 250 mg test c weekly and 2 weeks into 40 mg daily of EPI. Thinking about adding 30 mg of Alphadrolone daily in a couple weeks.
So heres a play by play look.
250mg test c weekly
40mg EPI daily for 8 weeks
30mg Alphadrolone daily for weeks 5-8
Have all needed items for on and off cycle so thats all covered. Done numerus cycles and not new to PHs or AAS.
Sats: weight 245lbs
BF @ 15% checked by body scanner at Golds
Clean diet so no fast food or sodas and currently at 2500 calories daily w/ 250 protien.
What you folks think.